RIBA West [Shortlist]
royal college of arts

To answer the urgency to re-engage with my own reality due to the diagnosis of depression and anxiety, the project proposes a digital app that uses augmented reality as a tool of healing to cope through thresholds within a daily routine. Inspired by mechanisms in ASMR and animation, the tool is presented through digital devices that are common forms of escapism. Augmented reality becomes a method of mediation and reconnection by its integration of fiction within the real world. It enhances tangible space with intangible spatial imagination. The digital layer will create augmented experiences of space that highlights the existing environment through its animation, alteration and user interaction of spatial elements.

blender, cinema4D, autoCAD, photoshop, premiere pro, after effects

[presentation]  10mins   *please turn on sound for presentation and immersive experience

[AR Demo] *please turn on sound for an immersive experience

Having a clear daily routine is essential in the healing of depression and anxiety. It creates a normalcy and feelings of control to other changing factors in our day to day lives. Consistency is additionally crucial to a proper sleep schedule.

Often, through the lens of illness, space can distort and prolong its experience with an increased perception of both physical and mental thresholds. For instance, desaturating and spatially closing in the environment, depression creates the sensation of slow suffocation. Leaving the safety of the room, anxiety presents itself in the domineering transformation of scale. Stepping into the kitchen, anxious anticipation manifests into sharp spatial clutter. Thus, even minute actions such as getting out of the bed is an overwhelming obstacle.

research and initial explorations

[sensorial film] research into sensory moments in the day to day, *please turn on sound for immersive experience

[sensorial walk] animation depicting the walk, which acts as a self-prescribed script of healing and escape from my mind/illness