typical temple journey
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A safe space provided in a Buddhist hospital, it prioritizes the patient’s mental well being along with the staff members. No matter the reason for the patient’s stay at the hospital, patients will have to face their illness/sickness. Therefore, this space is provided for everyone to confront the reality of sickness/illness and contribute to their mental wellness. Being a Buddhist hospital, the Buddhist temple, which is a familiar comfort to the people of the Taiwan, the space is designed to allow visitors the familiarity of its progression and ritual through the sequencing of space and spatial layout.

This project is one part of a three part independent project in a 4th year studio. Based on the Three Marks of Existence from Buddhism, the project was extended to three locations in Hualien, Taiwan for the buddhist organization TzuChi. The projects are focused on mental well being and acts as places of comfort and healing.

fourth year
toronto metropolitan university

an miao