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Never fully registering the subtle and minute sensory details of my day to day surroundings, my senses are often muted with my thoughts. I have come to realize by putting context and subjectivities onto every sense, it often diminishes the level of connection I have with myself and my environment. In this study, I am examining how subjectivity can convolute and weaken the intimacy between the subject and observer. Unveiling this layer of subjectivity, the Raku Bowl, a Japanese tea bowl, allows for the register of sensing objectively through its handmade process and exposure to the open air after firing. The bowl embraces the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, where simplicity incites directness of statement. This study foregrounds the philosophy of Wabi Sabi and the making of the Raku bowl. It is of importance now because of its focus on the now.

raku clay

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