toronto, ontario, canada
design exchange x fuji film

Dazzle explores the computational development of a Delaunay’s triangulated surface and how its complex geometry can be projected onto a flat plane. As a result, the 2D pattern challenges our perception of volume through shape and line. The dazzle pattern, used in WWI to visually camouflage warships, is applied to the flat design to disrupt further how the viewer perceives surfaces and interior volumes.

This vinyl installation was sponsored by the Design Exchange Exhibition Space and Fujifilm in Toronto, Canada for the exhibition ‘Influx’. Sponsers requested a backdrop for photos while simultaneously making good use of the display wall in the center of the entry space and providing way-finding.  The pattern starts at the entry which leads to the wrapped feature wall.

vinyl, pvc


grasshopper, rhino, illustrator

all photos by Brody White